Product Insight

December 8th, 2017

The LPA-1 comes with two batteries. When used properly, the batteries will remain functional for a very long time. Please review the best practices we recommend for proper battery usage. 

First, We do NOT recommend swapping batteries between units. If the same batteries are used for multiple LPA-1s, the battery contacts as well as the internal contacts actually become damaged and will cause the LPA-1 not to receive adequate voltage.This will lead to an E# error message since it is not functioning properly.

Secondly, We all know that batteries have a long lifespan and Protec prefers that our customers should not have to invest in new batteries if it is not necessary. Consistent and correct usage is key and the right usage prevents an unnecessary expense.  Swapping a battery is harmful to the battery as well! The metal contacts on the battery wear out faster as the battery has to "adjust" to the LPA-1 that it is placed in. Each LPA-1 is unique and the metal tabs on the battery are designed to fit each specific LPA-1. 

*Inconsistent voltage delivery can cause the internal board of the LPA-1 to seize and make it inoperable.

And The Last is... We do not recommend charging the battery overnight as the charger will continue to trickle current into the battery even after it is fully charged. Therefore, the overall life of the battery is diminished since the transition metals become oxidized and the other organic components may begin to oxidize as well.