Portable Data Recorder System

A lightweight palm-top computer system that is Microsoft® based for quick and efficient field data collection and reporting.  


Universality - No Limitations in identifying the inspection environment and related components.

Customization - Ability to adopt fixed or variable formats based on inspection requirements.

On the fly changes - Make changes while taking readings, set room, structure, and substrate while at the job site.

Ease of Use - Lightweight, touch screen, pull-down menus, full color display. Fits on top of LPA-1 with provided bracket. Easyly merge jobs in RGS software.

Report Review - Real time review of inspection components.

Upgrade Capability - Compatible with most LPA-1 Systems.

Other Features - Auto Save, Easy Data Merge, Multi-function Use, Instant Report Generation, Compatible with Access and Excel, as well as other popular database software.



Our Portable Data Recorder (PDR) is a low cost, lightweight data acquisition platform for lead paint inspection. It allows the inspector to efficiently identify and record inspection parameters without limitations.
PDR interfaces with the Report Generation Software (RGS), streamlining data entry and allowing the inspector to produce instant inspection reports.