Report Generation Software

The LPA-1 analyzer and its comprehensive, universally applicable lead paint Report Generation Software (RGS) allow the inspector to go from inspection to report in a short period of time. The software is included in the LPA-1 instrument package and upgrades are free for as long as you own the instrument.

Report Generation Software Features: 

  • Windows™ based package.
  • HUD/EPA compliant Reports.
  • Easy-to-use “point and click” graphics.
  • Easy to read inspection reports.
  • Portable Data Recorder -Palm top PDA adaptability for field data collection.
  • Ability to identify and create any component and condition, which is suited to the specific inspection condition without limitation.
  • Customizes to any residential or commercial space and any component within that space with full general or reading specific comments.
  • Creates reports in ASCII format for integration with the most common spreadsheets and word processor programs.
  • Ability to incorporate digital pictures of the inspection site into the reports.

Reporting Options

The Report Generation Software provides a variety of reporting options for presentation of lead paint inspection results. The graphic depicts the standard reports available.
A significant feature of the RGS is the automatic preparation of a Summary Report, which identifies all measurements equal to or greater than the local regulatory action level. This gives inspectors and their customers a clear and immediate understanding of areas that may require action. In addition, the HUD reporting requirements involving inspection combination and component statistics are fully integrated with the LPA-1 analyzer RGS program.

Report Descriptions

  • Cover Sheet: The Job Cover Sheet allows the inspector to enter specific information about the inspection site and the customer. While most of the items on the sheet are entered by the inspector, the Action Level, the Report Job Number and, the Serial Number of the analyzer are taken automatically from the data downloaded from the LPA-1.
  • Sequential Report: This report lists all the readings, which have been processed in exactly the order in which they were taken in the field. The Sequential Report, as well as the Summary and Detailed Reports discussed below, contains all of the location and paint condition information that has been entered.
  • Detailed Report: In this report the readings are recorded and segregated first by room number and then by type of structure.
  • Summary Report: Only positive readings or averaged sets, which have a lead value equal to or greater than the preset abatement level are shown (i.e., the actionable items).
  • Distribution Report: This report provides a summarized listing of all structures analyzed in a particular job. It details the total number of readings taken on structure types and breaks out the percentage of Negative and Positive readings from the total.

The Report Generation Software, as well as every other Protec Instrument Corporation product, is backed by the highest level of support, with on-call help and free upgrades of the latest software release. No other system provides the flexibility, speed, and the level of productivity that customers have come to expect from Protec Instrument Corporation.

Click on the link below to download the latest version of the report generation software.  Please not that when downloading the LPA-1 you must do so through a USB to Serial Adapter cable.  

Note: Some issues in Windows 10 at the moment.