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Q: Can I rent a unit?

A: Yes, please contact Pine Environmental for rental inquires. 

Q: I would like to see the unit in practice before purchasing how can I do that?

A: Feel free to contact us, we can schedule a demonstration for you

Q: When should i send in my unit for resourcing?

A: A unit should be resourced once every 15-18 months, you can set up an appointment in advance to accommodate your schedule. If a unit is not resourced within 15-18, it may lead to calibration issues and RAM failure. 

Q: When should i send in my unit for repair?

A: If your issue is not resolved after talking to Protec staff it may need to be sent in for repair. Do not attempt to repair the unit yourself as it may damage the unit further. If a unit has not been resourced with 15-18 months it must be resourced before repair.

Q: When I send my unit in to get resourced or for repair how long does it take?

A: Repairs and Resource on average take 8 to 12 business days, shipping fees apply. Repairs may take longer depending on the nature of the issue, we can provide a loaner unit if requested due to repair, but there are limited quantities.

Q: My unit is not downloading to the computer, how do I resolve this issue?

A: Make sure all cables are connected properly, make sure unit is in data transfer mode. Lastly reinstall RGS. If issue still persists contact us.

Resource & Repair

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