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Q:Unit is not calibrating properly

A: Your unit must be sent in for calibration, if a unit has a source older than 12 months than it can not be re calibrated until it has been resourced.

Q: Error message reads "RAM FAILURE"

A: RAM failure can be caused from many things in the unit

Q: When should i send in my unit for resourcing?

A: A unit should be resourced once every 15-18 months, you can set up an appointment in advance to accomodate your schedule.

Q: When I send my unit in to get resourced or for repair how long does it take?

A: Repairs and Resource on average take 7 to 10 days, shipping fees apply. Repairs may take longer depending on the nature of the issue, we can provide a loaner unit if requested due to repair, but there are limited quantities.

Q: My unit is not downloading to the computer, how do I resolve this issue?

A: Make sure all cables are connected properly, make sure unit is in data transfer mode. Lastly reinstall RGS. If issue still persists contact us.

Resource & Repair

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